To my dearest Uncle S, 
I miss you so much.

Remembering you now just brings tears to my eyes, 
I can’t think of you without crying.
You were an exceptional man,
Very caring, extremely generous back in the days when money was still new to 

me, you gave me the first Real Big money I had.

You were an extremely hilarious person, no time spent with you was a dull 


You were an expert in turning sad situations in your life into jokes, making very light of it.
Despite the fact that your life was short, you lived life to its fullest, enjoying 

and savoring every minute of it (like you knew you wouldn’t stay).

It’s funny how extremely close we were, considering our age difference, but we 

were like 5 and 6.

Up till the day you died, I felt it in my spirit a million miles away.
Did you know that morning; I just woke up sick without even knowing what 

had happened.

You didn’t deserve to die the way you did, you were too good to go that way.
You deserved a better death. 
My consolation is that, you are in a better place, free from the turmoil’s and the challenges of this earth.
I loved you and I always will, keep on resting in the bosom of the Lord.

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