Has anyone noticed how the natural hair phenomenon has swept across the nation, leaving many followers in its wake? The campaign for natural hair is so hot right now; our hair has suddenly become such a big deal.

This got me really thinking and sad at the same time because I feel we’re actually spending too much time caring for the externals while our souls rot. Don’t get me wrong, the awareness is good cos I’m also transitioning to natural hair, but sometimes I just wish it was a spiritual revolution. 
Natural hair groups are being formed, meetings workshops being organised left, right and centre. I wonder when we will have workshops talking about the importance of purity, the importance of purpose, etc. 
Moreover, it’s like there’s a new and sudden spirit of cutting hair, you’ll just be sitting down and suddenly you’ll just feel like cutting your hair. I was really battling with this some weekends ago when I didn’t know what to do with my hair. Funny enough, the next week, my sister told me she too just woke up and really wanted to cut her hair, it is well oh. I belong to a natural hair group and when someone does the big chop, you need to see the excitement of the group members, lol.
I have also realised that the endless search for routines, products, regimes can be really consuming, time that would have being put to some other good use.
I wonder how this whole movement actually started. Who will start a spiritual movement/revolution? Who will bring to people’s awareness the need for us to start living holy and acceptable lives before God? 
I just think the devil has given us all a big assignment to keep us busy and distracted, while time passes by.
Anyway, these are just the thoughts of an Abuja bored girl.

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