What a lot of people call love is mere pretentious displays, expressions of lust, selfishness at its highest order but hidden in a romantic garb and warped definition of what love actually is. Let’s take a look at different dimensions 

 1. I love you but I hate your God
True love cannot disenfranchise the divine from the humane, for the very source of love is God Himself.  For God so loved the world…
 If you love me, but you hate my God, sorry that isn’t true love in any way.
 If he or she wants you by all means but cannot stick your God, you are not on the same page. Serving God is not just a religious sentiment, it is a deep seated need that would seek satisfaction and would eventually determine a lot of things.
 Sometimes, even serving the same God but with different doctrinal beliefs can bring unnecessary tensions, how much more, when he or she has nothing to do with your God!
 It just would not work, don’t bother to try it out! You know you are a church girl, what are you doing loving a person why hates church?
 Believe you me, you are incapable of changing anybody! You haven’t even changed yourself!
 Be patient, be focused, and never relegate your maker in your bid to find a lover. 

You try and ask married folk around you, how much of change they have been able to bring to their spouses, if they are sincere, they will tell you that they are still on it.
 2. I love you but I hate your passion
If someone professes love to you, and tells you how he or she cannot live without you, and yet hates the works of your hands with a penchant, something is obviously out of place. 

 You and your passion are often inseparable. That is you, and what you stand for. That is what will probably bring you into that desired wealthy place. 

 Anybody that will truly love you will love your passion as long as that passion is not some vicissitude straight out of hell.
 He is a pastor. They are in courtship. She loves him so much, but she cannot accommodate him being a pastor. Obviously, that courtship is defective from the beginning, and she would most likely win, but the man remains frustrated for life, not fulfilling life’s highest calling.

 A welder must marry a welder’s wife. A professor must marry a professor’s wife, somebody that will be able to accommodate the academic nonsense and vocabularies within the parameters of her cognitive ability, and one who has appreciation for such academic adventures.

 Never ever get married to somebody who hates your passion. You live your passion. You breathe your passion, but when you marry somebody who is disinterested, who do you talk to?
 3. I love you but you are not capable
Sister Sube claims she is in love, yet she would not marry Bro. Zerubbabel.
“Brother Zerubbabel, even though I love you, you can’t take care of me financially.
 Well, something is out of place there. Does she really love him or loves his pocket?
 True love will believe in the future. True love will never make a permanent decision because of a temporary situation.
 True love will stay, believe, work together, rise together, and get to the height of the leader together.
 To be continued tomorrow.

I will love appropriately

Lord, teach me to love appropriately

Gal 5:14 (MSG)  For everything we know about God’s Word is summed up in a single sentence: Love others as you love yourself. That’s an act of true freedom.

Examine your love life
Exodus 22 – 24

Pastor Dunamis – +234 802 350 7395

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