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This is a question in the hearts of many people. Does he really love me? Is she really in love with me? Will this lead to marriage? Even those who are already married are still asking the question. Does he still really love me like before? Are we in God’s will? Did I marry right? Did I marry the wrong person?

In this age, guys can go to any extent to lie, pretend and simply act just to get jeru trap. Ladies can profess love and give their bodies out in jeru trap just to get money, gifts, tickets to travel and many other things.
So, where is love, really? Between God’s leading and attraction, which is the most important? What exactly is God’s will and where is the place of attraction?
Now, let me first say that there two principal things that are very important in deciding who to marry. 
1. God’s leading
2. Attraction
The first thing is not whether he has money or she is an American citizen. The first thing is to seek God’s plan as concerning marriage.
A lot of people are scared about asking God for His direction because they believe God might lead them to somebody they don’t like!
Well, God is not like that. God is actually intelligent, more intelligent that all the human intelligence put together! 
Again the scripture puts it succinctly that that God is not an author of confusion! God will never lead you to somebody you hate!
Yes, there is the possibility of not “liking” a person that God shows you initially, and that is because you don’t know the person yet.
But as times goes on and you get closer to know this person, you will definitely love him or her. God often times lead us by our desires.
For example, a year before I asked my wife out while on Campus, God told me the very time I saw her for the first time, that she would be my wife.
Was I in love? No! I don’t even know her name at the time! I don’t know where is from, and I don’t know who she is. And the principle is that you cannot love the person you don’t know!
That is why you don’t fall in love with a Facebook profile or a voice over the phone!
As I sought to know her more, did I fall in love? Yes!
So, you see, God’s leading is very important! So, we have to establish that. The will of God is not scary. 
Why is God’s leading so important? It is only God that knows the best person for you today who will still be the best person for you in another ten years and fifty years!
Adam said the bones of my bones and the flesh of my flesh…
It is only flesh you can see, it is only God that see the bones, which talks of inner disposition, inner strength and structure that is necessary to compliment you.
The truth is that you cannot marry everybody. But there is someone out there that compliments you and will complete you, based on who you are, your background, your temperament, your belief system, your outlook to life, your religious sentiments, your strengths, your weaknesses, and more, there is somebody out there that will fit into the puzzle and only God can lead you to such a person!
The interesting thing is that man looks at the outward and often concludes, but God looks at your beginning, your now and your future altogether and then leads you!
God wants you happy and fulfilled, so He leads you right!
God doesn’t want you getting marry to somebody who will domicile you to the kitchen permanently with no chance to express your creativity in any way! God’s will is good!
How does God lead? How will you know? How will you be sure?
God can lead you in may ways, visions, dreams, revelations, knowings, circumstances, but the primary way God will lead you is through inner witness.
What is inner witness?
The best way I can describe that is to ask you how you know you are a child of God. Did you see God? Did you see Jesus? Were you there when he was crucified? How come you believe in Him? How come you know you are a child of God?
You know you are child of God and that you are heaven bound because “something” tells you so.
That something is actually somebody! That is the Holy Spirit.
He bears witness with your Spirit and shows you the truth. The same way you know you are a child of God and you are so sure is the same way you will be sure he or she is God’s will for you!
You will simply have peace, and that peace passes understanding!
When I was courting my wife, we had a big fight and I told her to go away and she told me to go away, but both of us lost our peace! I could not sleep and she could not sleep as well, until we resolved that imbroglio! That is how inner witness works.
When you are outside His will, you lose that peace! You start having certain fearful and unsettling feelings! But when you are in His will, you have that in-explainable calm assurance that all is well. That is God leading you through His Holy Spirit!
Php 4:7 (AMP) And God’s peace [ shall be yours, that tranquil state of a soul assured of its salvation through Christ, and so fearing nothing from God and being content with its earthly lot of whatever sort that is, that peace ] which transcends all understanding shall garrison and mount guard over your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
But you know, this is why we say people should not get involved in jeru trap(premarital sex), in double dating, or any other form of compromise. The moment you do, you move into disobedience, and the realm of disobedience is the realm of confusion, so the souls follows into that realm and things become unclear.
Soul ties, unhealthy attachment brought about by jeru trap end up complicating matters. That is when you know you are with the wrong person and yet you cannot let go. 
That is when you get involved with a married person and yet have a feeling it will work out! How can you ever think like that? The soul is confused!
Let me tell you this and let it sink well. Everything you do after a compromise will always be a wrong decision! Why? The soul is in a confused state, the devil has access to your mind by virtue of the permission that the compromise allows, and so it even becomes difficult hearing God…until you repent and disconnect from that sinful partner! 
Ask a few people who are married. If they weren’t sure they married in God’s will, that fear, that feeling follows them for ever, especially when there are challenges which are bound to come, they are always asking, “is it because I married out of God’s will?”
If you are already married and you have a feeling that you didn’t marry the right person, you have to divorce that feeling, not your spouse! It is never too late, what you need is called MERCY and you can cry to God who can turn mistakes to miracles!
I am going to stop here today and continue tomorrow and elaborate on the place of attraction in love and marriage!
I pray for all those who might be going through some confusion or the other, may heaven shine its light on you this day. 
I pray that the eyes of your understanding be opened and may light dawn upon your soul! Receive the strength this day to do the right thing and the needful. 
Have a blessed day!


I will not be confused! I have the light of God!

I come against every spirit of confusion trying to work against me in Jesus name

Php 4:7 (MSG)  Before you know it, a sense of God’s wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down. It’s wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life.

Cut off from all compromise sources

Exodus 16 – 18

Pastor Dunamis – +234 802 350 7395

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