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Hmmm, this past weekend was quite eventful. Saturday morning, I woke up as usual very lazy to do anything, I just wanted to sleep.  I had earlier planned to go to the cinema with my two (2) girlfriends, unfortunately they both cancelled. Truth is I was even happy sef lol, that way I’d save my money. My next itinerary was shop for hair products, you see I have relaxed hair but I’m transitioning to natural hair(I don’t think I can do the BIG CHOP).

This is me that swore never to switch to natural hair, now I’m all the way team natural. So I’ve being doing a lot of research about natural hair, don’t castigate me but I’m transitioning to natural hair as an experiment. All my front edges are gone I want to see whether with natural hair my edges will grow back.
Asides my shopping for hair products, I decided to work on the pimples on my face. Anyone who knows me, knows my face is filled with too many blessings (pimples), it’s really affecting my self esteem. As usual, I’m a research girl I started with Google, I discovered I have an oily face. After hours of tireless research I discovered the things I should start doing on the face. I wrote a list of products to buy for the face. Off I went to a foremost supermarket at Abuja thinking I’ll get everything I want. 

Unfortunately for me, I was beyond disappointed as I didn’t get most things I wanted, I had to come back home and order online. Truth is they have a lot of products, but just not suited for my face. From my research I found that oily face shouldn’t use any products that have fragrance or alcohol. Most of the ones I saw either has no alcohol but has fragrance. Jeez searching for suitable products is tiring (so much for my sensitive skin). So to shopping for my hair, I was looking for a non sulphate shampoo, most of the ones I liked were expensive (I think maintaining natural hair is expensive).

Rounding up my weekend was the most amazing lunch i had (white rice and egusi soup, felt like I was in heaven, hehehehe). One thing is I may not like cooking, but when I cook I’m a great cook (if I may say so myself), lol. anyway i had fun sha.  
So that’s the summary of my weekend. How was your weekend guys, kindly share.

One thought on “WEEKEND GIST

  1. Wow! Natural hair now? Good to know, seriously! Well can't remember how this particular weekend went, but it was cool sha. I'm either at home or…somewhere doing productive activities. I seldomly do Owambe on weekends (lol)


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