So today was one of my darling friends birthday but unfortunately I couldn’t get to celebrate with her. We had an argument last week and I never knew she took it personal, ever since then she started avoiding me. To say the least, I’m really sad that a great friendship is about to be destroyed. I guess the saying is true, that as you get older you lose friends; or rather the sign of growth is the loss of friends. 

Shout out to friends who still’s holing it down, shout out to friends from way back, shout out to friends who has your best interests at heart, shout out to friends who through and thick, through fights, agreement, lack and wants will always be there.
If you have a friend, keep them close cos a friend sticks closer than a brother.

One thought on “FEELING SAD

  1. I can totally relate with the experience. Hurts really bad when friends you shared good times with hold on to silly things just because one is doing as well as them or better in some cases. I am getting used to this “growing up” cos I value the quality of friendships I have now.


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