I used to work in customer care for a telecom company in Lagos but I left when I got tired of the job and Lagos.
From my point of view,

the civil service is for only unambitious and lazy people, people who just want to survive and live based on a pay check that comes every 30days. If you’re ambitious, hardworking and have a passion for success trust me when I say you have no business being in the civil service. You’ll be highly frustrated, you’ll become passive and very lazy, before you know it life will mean barely little. Worst of it all you’ll become a thief and a liar.

The civil service pays very little so in other to live well, you have to know how to formulate nonexistent contracts, lobby to be posted to offices where you can easily collect bribes from hapless contractors. If you’re not careful you’ll have a poverty mentality, borrowing every month just to be able to eat.
In the civil service there’s no drive for excellence, if you want to write professional exams, people will look at you like your own is too much. Or is it the dressing, imagine someone wearing a corporate shirt and trouser, tucked in with palms slippers, or a lady wearing a green blouse with a blue skirt and market people’s shoe. If you dress too much, people will say you’ve started stealing money that is why you have excess money to buy clothes, LMAO. Its just 10:30am in my office right now, and there’s already two(2) people sleeping, one is watching a movie, hehehe.
Before I joined the civil service, I was a honest, ambitious person determined to make a difference with my life. 3years down the line, I don’t recognize myself anymore. I now look forward to free money, I do not write the specific time I come in, and worst of it all I’m beginning to have a poverty mindset, holding unto money like my life depends on it.
To all ambitious, goal setting, successful individuals (including ladies) please by all means avoid a Federal Government job.


  1. yeah. I agree. Many people love the FCS because of the job stability. The pay is not wonderful but there seems to be many opportunities to get money “under the table.”
    There's little personal development but I hear if you get to the top, it is all worth it


  2. I agree. I once worked in INEC in the South East. I was going crazy so I started applying randomly. Got a position in Sokoto with an international agency. Didn't even mind it was the far north, I packed my bags and fled INEC


  3. I disagree
    I work in an ICT unit of a federal university
    Trust me when I say I have improved more than 200% than what I was when I first joined the system. Whether you like it or not, you are forced to learn everyday, keep up with the latest technology and all sorts. You go for local and international training where you meet other colleagues to learn and share experiences.
    I read blogs when the brain is getting hot…after that, back to work
    I thank God every day for my job


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