On Tuesday I really needed money for something urgent. I was really thinking on how to get the money. The Holy Spirit then reminded me that I’ve not told God yet I need money. At this point a little introduction of who I am is important. I’m a Christian, I believe in the Lord Jesus. My faith is the most important thing in my life, without God I am nothing.
So back to my story, I then prayed asking God for supply. 

Throughout the day, I kept wondering when the money would come. Point to note, once you’ve prayed about an issue leave it to God, completely trusting He’d answer. 
 Anyway, almost at the end of closing hours, when I had completely given up, a colleague walked into my office asking me for a particular document, I had it, and gave it to him. The dude was very elated, he then said he’d take me out, I said nah, just give me the cash equivalent ( I was joking). To my utmost surprise, he dipped his hands into his pocket and gave me the exact amount I was looking for. 
I was so shocked, but then I was reminded of the Greatness of God.
Do you have any testimony, you would like to share, kindly drop in the comment section below. Thanks. 

Photo Credit: dreamstine

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